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Tis mah art~ :la: i know some of this stuff aint so great, but idc :XD: its art all the same~

god. such a twelvie when i wrote that.

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my hair is a bird. your argument is invalid.....:iconhomerrunplz:


jumpin on the band wagon  yeeeeeeee 

everyone was giving this a go, so i thought i might as well. 
not being as active as i used to be, i decided that it might be a good way for some of you people who watch me /and who actually care lel/ to know why i have been drifting away from this website and stuff.

alrighty then, let's begin;

i started deviantART'ing 5 years ago, when i was in year 9-ish i think. 
at this time, i was a HUGE fan of the Naruto community, and i found that quite a lot of the fan art and fanfics and whatnot came from this site. i thought i might as well post some of the stuff i'd drawn as a fan and post it on here, and see how that turns out.
5 years ago, when i began, i was a weeaboo. i cringe so hard that it leaves physical form at my memories of using "ZOMJ" instead of omg. omg. 
because of the way i typed and acted here on the nets, back then, i was sent quite a lot of rude messages. back then, i was appalled, horrified, OFFENDED that someone could possibly say that i was a stupid, delusional person to think that Hidan was my waifu.

looking back on it today.. i deserved it.

me in anime by EmiiriOrochi  < now, this shit here, is what began the ascension into less weeaboo shit. as it was the first artwork that had ever had a message so hurtful placed on it, that i nearly gave up art forever. granted; i was young, and told my entire life that for my age, i was pretty good. so when some dick types "omfg you faggot. this art is shit. why do you even post it?" obvs, i feel like crap.

a week or so of self-loathing later, i decided, nah fuck it. i'll do better.
and i did.

not that long afterwards, something very big happened to me on this website, something that i still consider myself quite lucky for;

i was a HUGE fan of the Hidan Show on youtube, by BellyThat Productions, also known as aug325, and i followed the episodes every day that they came out. 
i got a surprise one day, as i went to look through who had faved what, i saw the name aug325 had favourited this picture of Hidan i'd drawn > hidans morning ritual by EmiiriOrochi
i went to the page in disbelief that THE DANA had even THOUGHT about faving one of my drawings, and saw that it was, in fact, the deal Dana.

i ran up and down the halls at my house in hysterics for like.. at least half an hour.

since then, i would be glad to say that she and i were friends. her stories made me laugh, they made me cry. i might not be as big of a fan of Naruto anymore, but she certainly helped me with my writing, because by god, hers was pretty damned good.

a long while passed, and my art began to improve a lot. becoming more confident in photoshop, i began to get requests and commissions done, although they were small, they really boosted my confidence in the field of art. 
i began to slowly leave the narufandom and began exploring my own characters, like Emiiri; who actually started off as a Naruto OC to accompany my tulpa of Hidan. /shudders
i began to enjoy the company of my own imagination, when it came to my characters rather than that of an anime's. and i believe.. this is where my art really began to grow. 
i lost a LOT of followers going through this transition. no one wanted to see my characters, they only wanted to see Naruto characters, and that i can understand. it was the reason why they followed me in the first place.

then another person  I ABSOLUTELY ADORE  faved a work by me. 
Finder's Keeper's. by EmiiriOrochi sadwonderland the author for my favourite graphic novel series Bizenghast commented on this little picture here.
oh my GOD you would not believe how long i ran around the halls on this one.
M. Alice Legrow here, has been a massive inspiration for my own book. as someone who was able to produce her series from Tokyopop (which, unfortunately stopped production nearing the last book), and have fans world wide over what i believe was a competition win on the Tokyopop website, it really gave me hope that maybe some day i could rise to the level of Marty. god i wish.

but.. i guess thats how about where my deviantART story kind of ends.
i kept progressing, i kept creating, but..
i had so much more to do.
school, job searching, moving out, friends, love, ect.
i just started to stop deviantART'ing all together. 

i met so many people, who helped me throughout my time here,
like Cam-wis who i met at the Melbourne 10th deviantART anniversary and we SERIOUSLY need to catch up again sometime.
link31, aka Annie, who has been my friend for so god damned long it feels like we're siblings. but you're still the old one.
KalibHime who literally started roleplaying with me on one of my drawings, and since then has become a frequent RP buddy of mine.
TheGrief who im pretty damned sure is inactive nowadays, but she really helped me get into the competition side of deviantART
LittleKumiko who is a great friend of mine. someone who's shown me from the very beginning that you can do so well if you just keep practicing. and god, she is doing so well.

and lastly
who is literally the only reason why im posting art on here anymore.

somehow, god knows how, i've been an inspiration to her.
it warms my fluttery lil' heart to know that she thinks so highly of me.
with the multitude of gifts drawn, the journals written about me, and so on and so forth-
its hella kyut <333

and thanks to Aly there, 
you will be expecting art from me.
maybe not all the time, maybe not as good as the rest, but i will try my best to be as active as i can be.
for her,
for you guys,

thank you.

My improvement:

ZOMG ITS A MINIME by EmiiriOrochi naww gaara neko by EmiiriOrochi

to >  Fallout 3 fanart by EmiiriOrochiPelican Man by EmiiriOrochi

Mature Content

i was sad again by EmiiriOrochi

Vent being a sass by EmiiriOrochiJimmy Urine by EmiiriOrochiFancy meeting you here by EmiiriOrochi


Artist | Student | Digital Art

i am emily. these are my arts.
i decided i'd keep my old shit from when i was 12, for lels.
less cringey now i hope, less "OMFGZ RANDOMSSZZZ <3333"

:iconpervyemilyplz: I'm totally downsizing mah page :iconfoxxdplz:

I am an insane little girl with a sence of humor~ :la:
and i love my la's :iconlainloveplz:

:bulletpurple: i like~:
anime, manga, chocolate, my OC's, music, greek mythology andsomeonespecial~

:bulletyellow: i dislike~:
homophobes, sasuke, micheal H., aaannndd....eggplant =3="

THE 25th OF NOVEMBER IS SPAZZ DAY~ according to me </s> :iconhurrrplz:

:iconbunnychronaplz5::iconbunnychronaplz6: :iconsaysplz: I dont know how to deal with this!

Current Residence: nottellin -3-
deviantWEAR sizing preference: fat lol .w.
Print preference: wah ;n;
Favourite genre of music: heavy metal and drum+bass
Favourite photographer: gnarr.... dont got one
Favourite style of art: lolzz gothic. or any GOOD anime/manga drawing style
Operating System: wahh
MP3 player of choice: umm.....MAH iPOD BBY
Shell of choice: i am not a turtle... wish i was though
Wallpaper of choice: da green on mah wall ohoho
Skin of choice: thats racist -does 'thats racist' icon movement-
Favourite cartoon character: shizuo, grell, excalibur, konata, edaniel, ryuk, and ofcourse... MY OC'S
Personal Quote: I like turtles.

god. such a twelvie when i wrote that, too.
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